Making a difference in people's lives, one drop at a time.


Our philosophy is that everything derived from nature is beneficial to humanity based on how it is used. 


According to this principle, we formulate all natural hair and skin care products to suit all of your moisturizing needs. The skin is the body's largest organ and as such, allows products placed on the skin to be absorbed into the body. With your overall health in mind, we produce products that are safe enough to be ingested. You can eat them if you want to, but experience has taught us that the taste is not the best. Trust us!


Each of our products includes 100% all-natural, organic ingredients.


Experience our products to enhance beauty, confidence, contentment, and overall well-being. 




One of the things I look for in body products is whether or not it smells good. “My Everything” smells AMAZING & definitely has a calm and soothing effect. Can’t wait to try out the other products!
— Kathryn
I have been using ‘My Everything’ for the past month on my edges and I can say that I have never used a product that worked so quickly. Coming from a person that has struggled with thin edges, I have tried numerous products and none compare. The mixture of oils not only helps my hair but has improved my skin as well. This product is AMAZING!!
— La'Toya
I absolutely LOVE “My Everything,” so far I have used it for several weeks on my body and hair.

On my skin - first of all love the smell and it does not clash with my perfume and I usually use it after a hot shower and my skin feels fantastic.

For my hair - I have used it as a hot oil treatment and on my ends during my regular hair regime. I have also used it for my wash & go and put it on under my gel, which keeps my hair nice, soft and not crunchy!

Definitely my new go to oil for body and hair!
— Janelle
I’ve been using it (My Everything) in my hair. I love how lightweight it is and it smells great. Other oils that I’ve tried have been too strong (scent-wise). It’s great for my texture of curls.
— Rosemary
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